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Dem Rules…


1. All MLS regular season games must be bet on with a minimum wager of 1 and max of 5 points. All correctly predicted games will be awarded the amount wagered for that game. Predicting a draw correctly will award double the amount wagered.

2. A single double down bet will be allowed to each player every week. A double down bet will be used at a player's discretion and is not mandated to be used. If no double down bet is used for the week, the double down bet cannot be rolled over to the following week and will be lost. 

3. An extra double down bet will be awarded to the player who scores the most positive amount of points for the week.  In case of a tie in points between 2 or more players, the best record for the week will determine the winner. Should the point total and record still be equal, the extra double down bet will be awarded to both the players.

4. No 2 double down bets may be used on the same game in the same week. Each double down bet must be placed on a different game. No game may have more than 10 points wagered at a time. No double down bet will be allowed to be placed on a draw. 


5. All double down bets must be made at time of submission of predictions prior to recording. No double down bets will be allowed to be on the fly while recording. 

6. No changes to predictions on games will be allowed to be made during recording. All predictions are locked in at time of submission prior to recording.  Any changes that will be allowed to be made will be between the times of a finished recording and the game being played but only if a major change has occurred between that time. (Injuries or suspensions that occur after recording). The willingness to change must be approved by other players. 

7. If a player correctly predicts every game in the week, with a minimum of 10 games in that week, they will have the option to either have their point total achieved for that week doubled or have their point total deducted from the other players. (Chinaso Rule) 

8. All players will be respectful towards the integrity of the game. This includes, but not limited to, refraining from predicting every game as a draw with a wager of 5 points, or any other loophole that can be used to create an unfair advantage in the point system. Any player violating this rule will be automatically disqualified from the game.  (Keep in mind that we will have guests now, so please lead by example.)


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